Engineering Infrastructure Rehabilitation


Engr. Jatto Abdulkareem is a fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and Fellow of Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) who has a proven track record as a seasoned Engineer and multi-dimensional per excellence, a team player, hardworking and high accomplishments with extensive experience in the Engineering Profession.

Brief History

The creation of the Department became necessary for the fact that some of the Engineering Infrastructures are aging, worn out and vandalized and need major rehabilitation works that may not be handled conveniently by other departments handling new projects. The Department became operational in December, 2022 by the recommendation of the 8th Board of FCDA and approval of the then Hon. Minister, FCT Bello Muhammad.


  • The Department of Engineering Infrastructure Rehabilitation is saddled with the responsibility of Rehabilitating all existing major Engineering Infrastructure in the City.


  • Rehabilitation of all existing roads and shoulders within the FCC.
  • Rehabilitation of all bridges and embankments within the FCC. This includes replacing guard rails, handrails, and crash barriers on bridges and embankments.
  • Street lighting system and power supply rehabilitation/maintenance along major Arterial Roads and Expressways.
  • Rehabilitation of stormwater drainage systems within the FCC. This is to include the replacement of gully inlet/manhole covers along major Arterial Roads and Expressways.
  • Rehabilitation works on water supply trunk lines, distribution loops, and installation such as treatment plants, tanks, and pumping stations.
  • Rehabilitation works on Interceptor Sewer/Schedule Lines, Aerators, and Mini/Main Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Rehabilitation of Telecommunication facilities including Ducts, Manholes, Joint Boxes, and Hand Manholes.
  • Major rehabilitation works on Solid Waste Management Infrastructure


The Department of Engineering Infrastructure Rehabilitation is comprised of five (5) Divisions namely:

  • Water and Sewage Rehabilitation (North)
  • Water and Sewage Rehabilitation (South)
  • Electrical/Mechanical Rehabilitation
  • Road Rehabilitation (North)
  • Road Rehabilitation (South)


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