4Gidan Daya Resettlement/Relocation scheme is the scheme where all the people affected by the dualization of Abuja-Keffi road expansion and Kpadanyi community behind Magadisu cantonment are relocated.  Presently the scheme is ready for the development.  This followed the opening of the main link and access roads which has been made possible through the collaboration of the allotees and support of the department.  This was disclosed by the Director, Resettlement and Compensation ESV. Perpetua Ohammah recently in her office.

   The Director, Resettlement and Compensation in conjunction with Department of Development Control unveiled the procedure and requirements an allottee needs to meet for a prototype building plan permit before development.  They include but not limited to the following:

  • Original title document
  • Passport photograph of allottee.
  • Valid means of identification
  • Letter of indemnity to the Director indemnifying the department that applicant is liable for any fake documents
  • Court affidavit; same as above but from the court.
  • Contact number
  • Authority letter and power of attorney where applicable
  • Copy of Site Analysis Report (SAR)
  • Site inspection report

However, any allottee wishing not to use the prototype design by the Department can apply to the Department of Development Control for building plan approval.

            When fully developed the housing scheme will accommodate about 1235 households which include both original inhabitants and other Nigerians.

            In the same vain, the opening of access roads within the just concluded Nyanya Village expansion scheme is also on-going.  This scheme is to accommodate the population growth within the village.on web